Our product line entails lacquer formulations for the coating industry, resins formulations for the production of 3D form parts as well as high-end UV-gels for the cosmetic industry.

Our UV-light-curing gels for nail design are produced according to the regulations of the European Guidelines for Cosmetic Products and are solely intended for professional use. We mainly produce individual products, but also maintain a small standard product line.

We offer the following systems

  • bonding systems
  • modelling gels
  • french gels
  • gloss gels
  • colour and effect gels

 whereas there are no limits to your creativity - we are always eager to realise new product ideas.

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For the technical industry we develop UV-light-curing lacquers in different viscosities and colours for coating and enhancement of specified surfaces. Other sectors of activity include resins for UV-based 3D-prototyping and UV-light-curing adhesives for various applications.

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